Add'l Solutions


Data Integration

We understand the importance of data discovery and data exploration, creating value on a daily basis. We provide data quality assurance by profiling client data to discover inconsistencies and anomalies, as well as performing data cleansing activities to improve data integrity and quality.

Our data integration process scrubs data to ensure:

Performance Management Reporting

Our performance management tools are delivered to clients through RSX, a proprietary web-based reporting solution that enables on-demand access to a wealth of actionable and reliable data. An intuitive interface allows all personnel throughout an organization, not just analysts, to navigate through the platform and utilize reporting tools. Clients can view pre-built reports, establish recurring reports, and build custom reports all from within the RSX platform.

Gwynn’s RSX reporting tools provide valuable insight across business units:

Dashboard Visualization

Gwynn’s data visualization tools allow an organization to view and understand data in an intuitive manner. Pulse, a cutting-edge data visualization application, brings data to life through high-impact visualizations. Interactive charts, graphs, and other visualization tools allow clients to form a complete view of enterprise data in order to make insightful and measured decisions.

Gwynn’s Pulse solution enables the following:

Mapping and Location Analytics

Mapping and location data add a valuable dimension to the visualization of enterprise performance management, especially in an increasingly global business environment. Gwynn’s mapping and location analytics tools allows clients to overlay data on maps and other geographic visuals to identify new patterns and to capture valuable insight that cannot be gained through traditional charts and graphs.

Gwynn’s mapping and location analytics tools provide clients with the following:

Theft of Service and Fraud Mitigation

The ability to filter data, identify defined correlations and provide predictive analytics allows us to be a critical partner an organization’s theft of service and fraud mitigation efforts. Authentication and detection tools identify probable fraudulent activity within a range of severity to minimize losses from various types of fraud.

Gwynn’s fraud and theft of service tools have the following capabilities:

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

Gwynn’s GRC solutions couple valuable data reporting and visualizations to allow senior management to accurately manage enterprise risk and compliance.

Direct and control the entire organization using a combination of management information and hierarchal management control structures.

Risk Management
Define processes that identify, analyze, and appropriately respond to risks that might adversely affect the ability to achieve business objectives.

Meet compliance reporting guidelines by providing enterprise-wide reporting access to critical information.

Enterprise Mobility

Gwynn’s mobile business intelligence suite, Tempo, provides real-time data delivery and streamlined data collection to automate processes and provide visibility to all levels of operation. From floor workers to back-office personnel to senior-level executives, Tempo is designed to promote efficiency and effectiveness at all levels of an organization’s hierarchy.

Gwynn’s mobile business intelligence solutions can are deployed in the following use cases: