Add'l Data Solutions


Add dimension to your enterprise data with Gwynn Group's Pulse dashboard and analytics solution. Pulse is an interactive application that gets to the heart of the data by telling a high-impact visual story.

Pulse's framework is built to provide a multitude of filtering and slicing capabilities, but is not limited to those actions. Interactive charts and graphs allow users to have a 360° view of their data set in order to make insightful and measured decisions.

Pulse reveals vital and significant measurements, recognizes key trends, and helps predict future behaviors. Incorporate additional Pulse specialty applications that facilitate forecasting, inventory management and replenishment, predictive product performance metrics, including product failure rates. No matter what role is being performed, Pulse brings solid benefits throughout an organization.

Pulse works in conjunction with RSX and is accessed from within the RSX platform. Users have availability to real-time data 24/7, and can readily share or publish important views internally and with outside stakeholders.

Pulse was engineered with the user in mind, easy to access and use regardless of user proficiency. Implementation and training is a snap. We put the user in the driver's seat with Pulse.