About Us


Hugh Gwynn

Chief Executive Officer

Proud father of three sons, outdoorsman, scuba instructor, youth baseball coach.

Hugh has a wide range of responsibilities as CEO, including generating business and software strategies, building client relationships and managing employee development. His 18 years of experience span major accounting, audit and information systems initiatives for Fortune 100 public companies to growing firms in niche markets. Hugh's expertise ranges from information structure, user experience and big data to accounting, billing, inventory and fixed-asset systems. He has a BBA in accounting from the University of Texas Arlington. Prior to founding Gwynn Group, Hugh held audit, accounting and management positions at Paging Network and was the vice president and controller for Vroom.com.


Evgeniy Ovcharenko

Chief Technology Officer

Active sportsman, cyclist, skier, volleyball player.

Evgeniy brings more than a decade of technical experience to his role as chief technology officer. He oversees the functionality of all of Gwynn Group's business intelligence systems, making sure software is designed correctly and efficiently. A native of the Ukraine, Evgeniy joined Gwynn Group in 2003. He holds a master's degree in economics and computer science from Tavrida National University in the Ukraine.


Eric Stevens

Vice President, Business Development

Family guy, golf addict, wine enthusiast.

Eric brings more than 20 years of diverse experience in the telecommunications industry to his position as Gwynn Group's vice president of business development. He oversees all sales, account management and business development efforts, along with managing the company's support analyst team. Before joining Gwynn Group, Eric served in key leadership roles for innovative software companies within the industry, including Amdocs and smaller software companies. A native Californian, he studied economics at California State University at Sacramento. Eric resides in Texas with his wife and four children.